Chris Haugh

Chris Haugh is an experienced, multi award-winning researcher, writer, documentarian and storyteller. He has honed this unique skillset over the past 25 years since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware with a major was Communications. He has always shared a passion for learning, researching and presenting history topics--something instilled by family members, past teachers and places having lived and visited since childhood. After 17 years developing television programming for locally-originated cable television channels throughout Maryland and Virginia, he created marketing tools and managed grant projects for national and state designated byways and heritage areas. He is now a history consultant with History Shark Productions, where he gives public presentations, conducts oral history interviews, and specializes in interpretive storytelling. 

Chris Haugh

Chris Haugh

Brewer's Alley: Frederick's North Star?

February 4, 2016

Brewer's Alley: Frederick's North Star?Brewer's Alley isn't just Frederick County’s first brewpub. Read about the site's many incarnations and the famed abolitionist who spoke here in 1879. Read More

Poetry Month in the Heart of the Civil War: Literary Connections Abound

April 15, 2015

Poetry Month in the Heart of the Civil War: Literary Connections AboundIn honor of Poetry Month this April, Chris Haugh outlines the abundant literary connections found in the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area. Read More