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Current Opening: Part-Time Project Assistant -- Application Deadline August 13, 2021

Application deadline: August 13, 2021

Contract Duration: September 15, 2021 - June 3, 2022

Compensation: $7,200 flat fee

Hours: Approximately 400 hours total, to include some evenings and weekend time. The hours required will vary each week. We know the time demand will be heavier at the start of the contract when more community engagement activities will be undertaken.

The Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area (HCWHA), one of Maryland’s 13 certified heritage areas, is looking for a part-time project assistant to support Community Engagement and Strategic Planning. This is a $7,200 contract. The work is a mix of administrative and meeting planning tasks. It requires a careful eye for detail and excellent communication skills for outreach to communities, non-profit organizations and government entities across Carroll, Frederick, and Washington counties in Maryland. Familiarity with and enjoyment of historical, cultural, and natural resources in all three counties is a plus. 

We are a small team, and we need you to help us make sure this project runs smoothly and on time. Our offices are in downtown Frederick. We expect both in-office and remote work will be involved, and the Project Assistant will also attend numerous meetings in all three counties, some of which may be scheduled for evenings and weekends. Yet, there is room for schedule flexibility, and we anticipate the number of hours will vary, with a greater number of hours expended during the last quarter of 2021. We estimate the total number of hours required at 400. 

The Project Assistant will provide a key connection between our Strategic Planning Consultant and the HCWHA team. Our consultant is located elsewhere but will travel to work in our area several times throughout the project period.

A week for you might include:

  •  Securing facilities and arranging logistics for at least three community listening sessions (one in each county), several focus groups, a Board/staff retreat and one workshop.
  • Ordering catering and/or arranging refreshments for meetings and workshops of various sizes.
  • Scheduling multiple phone calls, interviews, and community engagement sessions.
  • Scheduling and providing production assistance for one or more remote listening sessions and meetings.
  • Support production and dissemination of a digital survey.
  • Preparing check requests for invoice payments and tracking project expenses.
  • Tasks related to reports to project funders.
  • Updating our CRM with new records and notes on activities as appropriate.
  • Taking notes/minutes.
  • Disseminating drafts for review, compiling reviewer comments, and facilitating the project timeline to assure deadlines are met.

You must be excellent at:

  • Using technology to manage details. We expect you to be proficient in: Word, Excel, email, and Google Drive. G-Suite, and database familiarity is a plus.
  • Working independently – For the most part you will set your own hours. We will be relying on your ability to be flexible, problem-solve, and think ahead.
  • Getting on the phone with people – much of this project is about people management and building relationships. We need you to be friendly, calm, competent, and creative.
  • Meeting deadlines - We need you to keep track of important dates and milestones, and to provide the urgency, momentum, and discipline to meet those targets.

Contract details:

  • We do not have specific educational requirements; we care more about your experiences and interests.
  • Required: A reliable vehicle or means of transportation is necessary as some travel throughout our three-county heritage area will be involved.
  • Required: A mobile phone, laptop computer and reliable internet access and any other necessary equipment and supplies to accomplish project tasks.
  • This position is for an independent contractor and does not include any employer share of payroll taxes, retirement, insurance, or other benefits.
  • This contract is a flat fee of $7,200, the payment schedule to be determined. The hours required will vary each week. We know the time demand will be heavier at the start of the contract when more community engagement activities will be undertaken.

To apply:

  • Create one PDF that includes your brief CV or resume and contact information for 3 references.
  • Create a second PDF of a cover letter that tells us why you are a great fit for this job and shows us what kind of projects you’ve managed previously. Please keep it to two pages or less. We encourage you to be creative - include links, screengrabs, or images if it makes sense. If you don’t have formal project management experience, that’s okay! Show us what makes you well-suited to the work we need done. 
  • Email the two PDF files to with the subject “Project Assistant Application” Don’t re-write your cover letter in the email! 
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your application, and then follow up quickly on next steps.