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Heritage Area Olympian Brings Home Bronze

July 28, 2021

Recreation Carroll County

With a current collection of numerous medals of varying degree, the United States has pulled into the upper bracket of the Olympics medal count. Notably, one of those medals belongs to an Olympian who grew up in our heritage area -- Katie Zaferes. The Hampstead native brought home bronze in the women’s triathlon at the Tokyo Olympics

What Zaferes brings home aside from the medal, immense pride from her fans and country-people, and national coverage, is attention to her home region. In honor of Zaferes, we’ve pulled together a list of sites in Carroll County where you can try out every aspect of the triathlon.

Start by biking the almost 30 miles of the Westminster North route. It’s one of many bike routes in the county, which according to Carroll County Tourism: “will surprise you with the diversity of suburban, rural, and historical elements in the County. If you ride in the morning, be prepared to stop for early milking migration of cows in the farmlands.” 

If biking through Carroll County was not enough to satisfy your Olympic level spirit, then Carroll County can also offer locations for water recreation. Hone your breaststroke at the Westminster Municipal Pool, or visit Piney Run Park, which offers a variety of activities such as kayaking, fishing, boating (pedal and rowboats), and more.

If those two activities are still not enough, then running through Carroll County’s outdoor trails might be the only thing left until you are eventually scouted by the US Olympic team. Carroll County offers many hiking trails, like the ones located within the Morgan Run Environmental Area, or the Union Mills area trails, Piney Run Park, or even a few of the trails that are associated with the Heart of the Civil War Geotrail. Whatever activity you find in Carroll County, try taking a break at one of the many nearby historic sites or refueling at a local restaurant. 

Regardless of your experience level or competitiveness, we should remind ourselves during this Olympic season that there are so many sports and recreational activities in our heritage area to take part in. 

Contributing Author: John Echeverria

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