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You can help the Heart of the Civil War enhance ways that local history and culture contribute to our communities as vital places to live and work. 

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Community Investment Tax Credits

Download a printable handout here.

The Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC) is a Maryland program that provides tax credits to any eligible business or individual who contributes money, goods, securities or real property worth $500 or more to the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area in the 2018 calendar year.

  • At your request, the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area will submit a request for the certification and forward the approved document certifying the tax credits. Your request for a CITC tax credit must accompany your donation and cannot be awarded retroactively.
  • This credit can be used, dollar-for-dollar, to offset Maryland taxes that you owe.
  • In addition, you can claim the full amount of your original donation – before the tax credit – on both your federal and Maryland income tax returns.
  • Depending on your tax bracket, this combination of tax credits plus tax deductions can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of supporting the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area.

CITC Tax Benefits to an Individual Donor - Illustrative $1,000 Donation

  • Donation to Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area: $1,000
  • CITC Tax Credit: ($500)
  • Reduction in Federal Tax Obligation: ($396)*
  • Reduction in Maryland Tax Obligation: (57.50)*
  • Net Cost of Donation: $46.50

*Using the highest 2016 state (5.75%) and federal (39.6%) marginal tax rates are shown for illustrative purposes only. The net cost of your donation depends on your particular federal and state tax brackets. Any individual or business contemplating making a CITC donation is encouraged to consult a tax professional to determine the actual tax benefits.

Tax credits must be requested simultaneous with your donation. The Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area has a limited number of tax credits available for 2018. To request a tax credit at the time of your donation, contact us to be sure they are still available:

Elizabeth Scott Shatto, Executive Director:, (301) 600-4042