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  • May 11-12

Nestled among Maryland’s mountains is St. Joseph’s Academy, Mother Seton’s historic 19th century boarding school. You’ll meet the Seton Shrine’s celebrated Junior History Interpreters – girls ages 8-16 who portray real students of Mother Seton and her Sisters. Jump back in time with stories, music, farm animals, and more. You will encounter many historical interpreters, many of whom portray actual students from Mother Seton’s time! Don’t be shy: you are encouraged to speak with them, but don’t be surprised if their knowledge doesn’t exceed the year 1818. 

• Visit the farm animals from a local petting zoo 

• Try your hand at fiber arts 

• Learn how to draw with pen and ink 

• Enjoy some popular 19th century children’s stories 

• Play some early American games with students from St. Joseph’s Academy

$8 adults, $5 age 18 and under