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Civil War Church Service

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  • May 26 at 1 PM

Chaplain Edward “Scott” Sturdivant of Longstreet's Corps (a nonprofit Civil War living history organization) and a member of Reenactor's Missions for Jesus Christ (RMJC), will preach and lead worshipers in singing hymns that were popular during the American Civil War, during a Civil War style church service starting at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, May 26, 2019, at Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, 7817 Rocky Springs Road, Frederick, Maryland.

During the Civil War, military chaplains performed many functions. These included preaching Sunday service, passing out prayer books and even fighting in battles. However, a chaplain's primary purpose was to preach the word of God and boost troop morale whenever and wherever needed. Whether providing spiritual support and comfort to the men struggling to endure the hardships of military life or caring for sick, wounded and dying Soldiers, Army chaplains provided an essential service to both armies. One of the little known roles played by many chaplains during the Civil War was that of musician. Chaplains frequently used music as a spiritual tool since it helped build rapport in the chaplaincy relationship, accessed core faith and emotions in the soldiers, and aided in the healing process. Therefore, Chaplain Sturdivant, who is a talented musician and singer of 19th century music, will employ his musical skills during worship service at the chapel. Immediately after the service there will be a Living History Program. The wearing of Civil War period attire is encouraged but not required. For more information call 240-439-4235 or email