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Frederick’s Civil War Hospitals – Downtown Walking Tour

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Every Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM

Every Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM from May 5 until October 27, docents from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine will explain how Frederick became “One Vast Hospital.” Arguably the most trying moment in city’s history came after the Battle of Antietam in the fall of 1862. The town’s population doubled when 8,000 wounded soldiers were delivered by ambulance to make-shift hospitals throughout Frederick.

With accounts taken from the diaries and letters of the surgeons, soldiers, and civilians who were there, this guided walking tour will explore the locations of the city’s Civil War hospitals in churches, schools, and public buildings. This program is an excellent way to take in downtown Frederick as many of those same buildings still make up the historic district today.

Throughout the American Civil War, Frederick, Maryland played a vital role to both Union and Confederate armies. Soldiers marched beneath the “Clustered Spires” on their way to battles at Antietam, Gettysburg, and Monocacy. The “One Vast Hospital” tour focuses on the wreckage left behind.

These will be “pay-what-you-please” tours and will begin at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine at 48 E. Patrick Street in Downtown Frederick. The tour will gather in the museum’s lobby area. Contact John Lustrea at for more information.