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Jim Rosebrock - Confederate artillery commanders at Antietam

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  • July 24 at 7 PM

Stonewall Jackson, James Longstreet, John Bell Hood and A.P. Hill are well known names in the story of the Battle of Sharpsburg. However lesser known men are men like James Walton, Bushrod Frobel, Lindsay Shumaker and William Pogue. These are the gunners who commanded the Confederate artillery at Sharpsburg. They played a decisive role in preventing George McClellan’s Army of the Potomac from overwhelming the rebels and permitting Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia to live to fight another night. Learn about Lee’s artillerymen and the crucial role they played at the Battle of Sharpsburg. On Wednesday, June 13th, Jim will present "Confederate artillery commanders at Antietam."

Jim Rosebrock is the former Chief of the Antietam Battlefield Guides. Jim is a retired army officer and currently works for the Department of Justice. He is currently conducting research for a book that will tell the story of the regular artillery companies during the Civil War. Jim also discusses interesting topics about the Maryland Campaign on his blog 'South From the North Woods'.