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Flowers to Pharmaceuticals – Civil War Medicinal Gardens

Ongoing Opportunities

  • July 28 at 4 PM

During the American Civil War, access to drugs and medicines became a serious issue for communities on both sides of the conflict. Instead of relying on official sources, civilians often relied on what they could scrounge or grow themselves. On July 28 at the Pry House Field Hospital Museum, NMCWM volunteer Greg Susla will discuss his three years of work on the re-established and medicinal herb garden at the Pry House, focusing on the 2018 expansion. He will note the medicinal applications of the various plants grown in the garden and their uses during the 19th century.

The program beings 4:00 PM in the Pry Barn. It will be a “pay-what-you-please” event. Admission to tour the Pry House Field Hospital Museum is $5.