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Lecture on Military Thought in the Civil War North

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  • May 24 at 7:30 PM

When the Civil War began, Northern soldiers and civilians alike sought a framework to help make sense of the chaos that confronted them. Many turned first to the classic European military texts from the Napoleonic era, especially Antoine Henri Jomini's Summary of the Art of War. As Carol Reardon will explain, Jomini's work was only one voice in what ultimately became a lively and contentious national discourse about how the North should conduct war at a time when warfare itself was rapidly changing. She will argue that the absence of a strong intellectual foundation for the conduct of war at its start--or, indeed, any consensus on the need for such a foundation--ultimately contributed to the length and cost of the conflict. The annual E. Russell Hicks/Louis Tuckerman Award and Scholarship will be presented to an outstanding college-bound high school senior of Washington County.

$5 for non-members. Payable at the talk.