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Victorian America and The Golden Age of Magic and Spirits of the Dead

Ongoing Opportunities

  • October 26 at 1:30 PM

Join professional illusionist Michael Cantori on Saturday October 26 at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine for a fascinating journey through the religion of Spiritualism and its’ affiliation with theatrical magic in 19th and early 20th century America. From the mysterious spirit rappings of the Fox Sisters, to the Davenport Brothers Spirit cabinet, to Houdini’s frustration with the movement, Cantori will offer both lecture and performance.

Michael Cantori grew up in our nation’s capital and in Europe, with an exorbitant amount of time sequestered in his father’s subterranean workshop, “Dunninger’s Encyclopedia of Magic” in hand. He went on to receive a university education in the sciences, though quickly gave up a traditional career path for the art of mystification and prestidigitation. Cantori has authored books on the history and philosophy of magic, and has taught graduate level classes on magic and awareness through the University of Maryland. He’s performed for congressmen, senators, generals, royalty and rock stars, and finds the time to design & craft magical apparatus, which he has supplied to some of the finest illusionists in the world.