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Civil War Church Service

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  • October 27 at 1 PM

Attend a Civil War-style, nondenominational church service at Historic Rocky Springs Chapel on Sunday, October 27, 2019, beginning at 1:00 P.M.

The service will be conducted by Preacher Kirk Callison wearing Civil War period attire (most sermons preached at Historic Rocky Springs Chapel were originally delivered between 1861-1865). Miss Hannah Boley will play the chapel's antique 1909 upright piano for the service and worshipers will sing hymns that were popular during the American Civil War. Preacher and HRSC Trustee Kirk Callison is a member of the nonprofit organization Re-enactor's Missions for Jesus Christ.

Immediately after the service Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc. (HRSC) Trustee Maria Callison will give a living history presentation on spies during the Civil War. Both sides heavily employed spies and made great use of espionage during the War. It was critical for both sides to have as much information about the enemy as possible because even the slightest edge could win or lose a battle. Many of these Civil War spies were women who could more easily infiltrate Union and Confederate camps since they drew less suspicion then their male counterparts.

After the presentation there will be an informal Victorian tea courtesy of the HRSC President.

HRSC is dedicated to using living history programs to accurately educate the public on historical Christian practices and the impact of faith on American society during the Civil War. The wearing of Civil War period attire to the church service, living history program, and Victorian tea is encouraged (but not required). Everyone is welcome to attend! Call or email HRSC at (240) 439-4235 or for more information.